2018 Wenatchee Lower Trap Data Catalog

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Hatchery CohoTrap Collected Counts
Wild/Unmarked CohoTrap Collected Counts
Wild/Unmarked Subyearling ChinookTrap Collected Counts
Hatchery SteelheadTrap Collected Counts
Wild/Unmarked SteelheadTrap Collected Counts
Wild/Unmarked SockeyeTrap Collected Counts
Hatchery Yearling ChinookTrap Collected Counts
Wild/Unmarked Yearling ChinookTrap Collected Counts

Trap Data Disclaimer: These data are preliminary and have been derived from various sources. These data are furnished with the understanding that the primary sources make no warranties concerning the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the data for any particular purpose. The counts presented on this web site are the raw collected counts at the traps; no expansion factors or trap efficiencies have been applied to the raw collected counts.