Columbia Basin Performance Measures

Forecasted Juvenile Passage Exposure Results for Aug 5, 2017


Forecasted Yearling Chinook Snake R All Spr/Sum Wild Query Parameters
ProjectThe Dalles
River ParameterTemperature
Critical Temperature Value15 C
Calculate ExposureAbove Critical Value
River Parameter Data FillNo
Query Dates1/1 - 12/31
Forecast DateAug 5, 2017
Total Run Period (Mar 21 - Nov 26)
Temperature Exposure Index12.53 C
Percent of Fish Exposed1.2 %
Number of Days Fish Exposed30
Middle 80% of Run Period (May 4 - May 31)
Temperature Exposure Index12.41 C
Percent of Fish Exposed0 %
Number of Days Fish Exposed0
Middle 50% of Run Period (May 8 - May 20)
Temperature Exposure Index12.24 C
Percent of Fish Exposed0 %
Number of Days Fish Exposed0
Run Dates
First Day of RunMar 21
5% of Run passedMay 1
10% of Run passedMay 4
50% of Run passedMay 13
90% of Run passedMay 31
95% of Run passedJun 7
Last Day of RunNov 26
Date(s) When Temperature Crosses 15 C
Jun 17, Oct 31

1. Total Run Analyzed [99.945] is less than total observed during the period [100]. Only fish observed on days with River Parameter data are analyzed.