Taxa Information

The benthic index of biological integrity (B-IBI) calculates values for each metric using macroinvertebrate designations listed in the Excel spreadsheets shown below. All information except for clinger taxa designations may be found in the NuWiss.Master98 spreadsheet. The information in this spreadsheet was compiled by Robert W. Wisseman, Aquatic Biology Associates Inc. Following is an explanation of the abbreviations used for the macroinvertebrate designations in the spreadsheet.

The Clingers taxa spreadsheet shows which macroinvertebrates are clingers. This spreadsheet was compiled by Leska Fore.

A useful note: both spreadsheets contain a TER column. The numeric code for listed macroinvertebrates is the same in both spreadsheets.

These spreadsheets are available for use by SalmonWeb volunteers and website visitors with permission of the authors. Please cite the authors when using this information.

Spreadsheets to download:
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