These utilities are helpful for creating SURPH input files from PTAGIS PIT tag data. The utilities include the csv file processing routines csv2obs and csv2tag.


Dist is a program for converting the detection date output files from CaptHist/PitPro into daily detection distributions.

  • Complied binary for SunOS/GNU: dist.gz

Csv2Obs, Csv2Tag

These utilities are useful in converting the csv files as downloaded from the PTAGIS database into CaptHist-ready data files. Both utilities work in pretty much the same way: they each take a csv file as input, remove the commas and quotes, add null values where necessary, and print the file to the screen. To save the output in a file you must redirect it as follows: '

   csv2obs csv_file > obs_file

The greater than symbol (>) tells csv2obs to write the output to a file named "obs_file".