PIT Tag "Standard" Species, Run, and Rearing Type codes

15-June-2022. Updates implemented to DART's acquisition of Columbia Basin hydrology time-series data for improved timestamping and outlier handling.more ]

11HHatchery Spring Chinook
11USpring Chinook (unknown r/t)
11WWild Spring Chinook
12HHatchery Summer Chinook
12USummer Chinook (unknown r/t)
12WWild Summer Chinook
13HHatchery Fall Chinook
13UFall Chinook (unknown r/t)
13WWild Fall Chinook
15HHatchery Chinook (unknown run)
15UChinook (unknown run & r/t)
15WWild Chinook (unknown run)
25HHatchery Coho
25UCoho (unknown r/t)
25WWild Coho
30HHatchery O. mykiss (unknown migratory status)
30UO. mykiss (unknown migratory/rearing status)
30WWild O. mykiss (unknown migratory status)
32HHatchery Summer Steelhead
32USummer Steelhead (unknown r/t)
32WWild Summer Steelhead
34HHatchery Winter Steelhead
34WWild Winter Steelhead
35HHatchery Steelhead (unknown run)
35USteelhead (unknown run & r/t)
35WWild Steelhead (unknown run)
3RHHatchery Rainbow Trout
3RURainbow Trout (unknown r/t)
3RWWild Rainbow Trout
42HHatchery Summer Sockeye
42USummer Sockeye (unknown r/t)
42WWild Summer Sockeye
45HHatchery Sockeye (unknown run)
45USockeye (unknown run & r/t)
45WWild Sockeye (unknown run)
65WWild Pink
7RWBull Trout
85HHatchery Coastal Cutthroat
85UCoastal Cutthroat (unknown r/t)
85WWild Coastal Cutthroat
8RWWild Resident Cutthroat
A0WPacific Lamprey
B0HHatchery White Sturgeon
B0WWhite Sturgeon
C0WGreen Sturgeon
D0WNorthern Pikeminnow
ERUBrook Trout
F0WAmerican Shad
G0WMountain Whitefish
I0WChannel Catfish
J0WSmallmouth Bass