Chris Van Holmes

Database Administrator/Analyst
School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
University of Washington


Working with researchers, tribes, wildlife departments, federal agencies and web-developers, I locate publicly available fishery and hydro-system data from across the Columbia and California Central Valley Basins and integrate them into an extensive query-able database powering on-line data displays and analyses. Our goals are to:

  • Deliver real-time information services to assist with the protection and restoration of threatened species through adaptive management.
  • Provide flexible tools to explore the relationships among hydro-system conditions and fishery status as chosen by our DART and SacPAS users.
  • Present historical data and relationships to place the current conditions in context.
  • Support research efforts with simplified access to datasets related to numerous regional projects.


Among my current projects are using machine learning to add detailed life-stage categories to PTAGIS data.

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