ATLAS 1.3.2

Released: 08/31/11

Application: ATLAS

New Featues
  • Ability to add multiple tag life datatsets
  • Navigation and menu re-organization
  • Tag life correction calculation on startup
  • Cumulative Survival report, single release
  • Report number of bootstrap iterations on Tag Life Correction report
  • Report AIC on parameter reports
  • Add "Tag Life Correction Bootstrap iterations" to the settings
Bug Fixes
  • Crash when deleting tag life data
  • Issue with Map Tag Life Data to Bins
  • typo in "Clear Data" warning
  • Issues with multiple tag life datasets
  • ATLAS crashes when new tag life loaded
  • Log-likelihood reporting error with Weibull distribution
  • Crash when loading second tag life data
  • Vitality curve won't fit in this version
  • Problem with cumulative parameter report, single release
  • Modeled Cumulative Survival Report
  • Problem with Parameter covariance report after "define release groups"
  • Apply on "Equate Parameters across releases" not working