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Data Table:

YearValue (SE)
20101.0590 (0.0460)
20110.9143 (0.0115)
20120.8591 (0.0123)


For this survival analysis, a reach is defined from the release site or the tailrace of the upper project to the tailrace of the lower project. The estimates reported in the table and plotted on the graph may be an average of the estimates calculated for each PIT Tag Group that makes up this group. In this case, the survival estimate is the arithmetic mean of the survival estimates for each PIT-Tag group and the 95% CI is calculated using a T statistic with n-1 degrees of freedom and the empirical variance. For more detailed information on these estimates including selection criteria used for this group follow the link below labeled "DART PIT Tag Survival and Travel Time Analysyis".

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CBR Declared Status: NA

Percent improvement (p): 0.00%


Percent improvement (p) is based on a comparison of decadal means of the 1990's and the 2000's:

Proportional increase equation

The grade is retrieved from the following table, based on the value of p.

GradeRange (%)
VL p <= 0
L 0 < p <= 2
M 2 < p <= 24
H 24 < p <= 100
VH 100 < p