DART PIT Tag TagID List Analysis and Reporting

30 October 2019: DART obtains the USACE & ODFW adult passage counts, transport data and Smolt Index data from the Fish Passage Center's website. They are currently rebuilding their website and the data obtained from them will be delayed until their website is available for automated queries.

Data Courtesy of Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

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Note: if your tag list is comprised of only one species, specifying the species improves query speed.
This is a complex process. The more TagIDs submitted, the longer the query will take to complete. Some queries may take 5-10 minutes to complete.

DART PIT Tag TagID List Analysis and Reporting offers DART analysis and reporting products for user-provided list of PTAGIS TagIDs. We will incorporate additional DART products as demand and time allows. We appreciate your input and assistance with the improvement of the DART PIT Tag analysis and reporting products. Please email your suggestions, comments, and/or questions about the DART PIT Tag analysis and reporting products to the DART Team. Thank you.

Query Notes

  1. There is one acceptable format for a TagID List upload file: plain text file with one (1) tag id per line. File extension does not matter. Space, comma, and tab characters at the beginning or end of lines are ignored.
  2. Steps:
    1. Click the "Browse..." button to navigate to the file location on your local computer.
    2. Select the file.
    3. Click "Upload TagID List File" button on this page to continue to the next step.

Notes on the DART PIT TAG Dataset

On a daily basis, we upload a daily file from PTAGIS, the primary source, into the Columbia River DART PIT TAG dataset. The Columbia River DART PIT TAG dataset does not include orphan tags (tags that have been detected but are not yet associated with a particular release). On a weekly basis, we synchronize the Columbia River DART PIT TAG dataset with year-to-date data from PTAGIS.

Additional Information:

Please refer to the PIT Tag and ESU Metadata & Glossary for more information.