Columbia Basin Performance Measures

PIT Tag Exposure Results


PIT-Tagged Wild Summer Steelhead Query Parameters
ProjectJohn Day
River ParameterTemperature
Critical Temperature Value15 C
Calculate ExposureAbove Critical Value
River Parameter Data FillNo
Query Dates1/1 - 12/31
Total Run Period (Feb 28 - Jun 23)
Total Number of Fish Observed4230
Percent of Total Run Analyzed [Number Observed]99.97 % [4229]1
Temperature Exposure Index12.64 C
Percent of Fish Exposed [Number Exposed]8.2 % [349]
Number of Days Fish Exposed17
Middle 80% of Run Period (Apr 26 - May 30)
Number of Fish Observed3449
Percent of Middle 80% of Run Analyzed [Number Observed]100 % [3449]
Temperature Exposure Index12.8 C
Percent of Fish Exposed [Number Exposed]3.5 % [124]
Number of Days Fish Exposed1
Middle 50% of Run Period (May 3 - May 23)
Number of Fish Observed2301
Percent of Middle 50% of Run Analyzed [Number Observed]100 % [2301]
Temperature Exposure Index12.69 C
Percent of Fish Exposed [Number Exposed]0 % [0]
Number of Days Fish Exposed0
Run Dates
First Day of RunFeb 28
5% of Run passedApr 20
10% of Run passedApr 26
50% of Run passedMay 11
90% of Run passedMay 30
95% of Run passedJun 3
Last Day of RunJun 23
Date(s) When Temperature Crosses 15 C
May 30, Jun 3, Jun 6

1. Total Run Analyzed [4229] is less than total observed during the period [4230]. Only fish observed on days with River Parameter data are analyzed.