SacPAS: Central Valley Prediction & Assessment of Salmon

UW Columbia Basin Research
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Migration Timing and Conditions by Cohort

Data Courtesy of USFWS, Lodi and USFWS, Red Bluff and California Department of Fish & Wildlife via StreamNet

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Sacramento Beach Seines: Verona, Elkhorn, Sand Cove, Miller Park, Sherwood Harbor, Discovery Park, American River, Garcia Bend.
Mossdale Trawls: "Chinook, All" is the only valid Chinook Species-Run selection.

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Trawls and Beach Seines: Raw Catch Catch Index
Catch Index: Trawls = 10 tows/day, Beach Seines = 8 hauls/day.

Latest Monitoring Dates in SacPAS Database:

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SacPAS: Central Valley Prediction & Assessment of Salmon, University of Washington, Columbia Basin Research,

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