SacPAS: Central Valley Prediction & Assessment of Salmon

UW Columbia Basin Research
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Loss and Salvage Predictor Realtime forecast of Loss and Salvage is made from approximately December to mid-June

Predicts loss and/or salvage of endangered steelhead and winter run Chinook salmon at the CVP and SWP pumping facilities at the southern end of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Egg Growth Model Spawning to Emergence

The salmon egg growth modeling process begins with egg deposition at the time of spawning. Development rate and survival can be modeled by various methods to determine fry emergence from the gravel. This tool allows the user to control temperature inputs, redd/carcass/adult counts and survival details for egg development modeling.

Shinyapps developed by SacPAS in support of various tools and models.

TEMPMAKER Generate temperature profiles, in a format for copy-and-paste as input to Fish Model.

EGG_SURV Explore the effects of adjusting basic mortality parameters of the SacPAS temperature-mortality density-mortality models.

SURVDEMO Explore effects of adjusting parameters affecting juvenile fish survival during migration as a function of distance and time.

MIGR_DISTRIB Explore juvenile fish migration rate as an interacting function of water velocity and day-of-year in a flow-pulse model developed for SacPAS.

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