SacPAS: Central Valley Prediction & Assessment of Salmon

UW Columbia Basin Research
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Data Courtesy of CDEC

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Select Location, River Data

Location Combined is only available for special parameters CVP+SWP Exports (CFS), San Joaquin I:E Ratio, and San Joaquin I:E Ratio 14-day Running Average.

Select Graph Format

Set Heatmap Scale
Autoscale (to data)
Range Min   < Max  (allowed: Min only, Max only, Min<Max)
Select Heatmap Color Palette
Color Vision Deficiency (CVD)
Cold->Hotsample image (blue to red) Dry->Wetsample image (brown to blue)
Plasma Palettesample image (blue to yellow) Viridis Palettesample image (purple to yellow)
Threshold Plot Value  (2 color plot)
Continuous Line Plot

Select Month Range

Start End

Month Range selection is restricted to month order within a water year (i.e., acceptable: November-April, not-acceptable: April-November). Month Range is inclusive. To view only one month, select same month from both menus.

Examples: Wilkins Slough, Flow
Heatmap Autoscale, Default Palette Heatmap Range Max set, Default Palette Heatmap Range Min<Max set, Viridis Palette
Threshold Plot Line Plot  

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