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Cohort Juvenile Monitoring Daily Graph Query

Data Courtesy of USFWS, Lodi and USFWS, Red Bluff and California Department of Fish & Wildlife via StreamNet

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Sacramento Beach Seines: Verona, Elkhorn, Sand Cove, Miller Park, Sherwood Harbor, Discovery Park, American River, Garcia Bend.

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Include Red Bluff Diversion Dam Daily Estimates (available 2004 to present)
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Trawl and Beach Seine results will default to Raw Catch if Catch Index is not available. For example, a catch index formula is not applied to daily catch numbers at Chipps Island Trawls.

juvenile sampling winter chinook graph

Data Set Notes:

  1. Sacramento Trawls, Sacramento Beach Seines, Chipps Island Trawls, and Mossdale Trawls: Data Courtesy of USFWS, Lodi.
    • 25 January 2018: An oversight related to the inclusion of marked fish in the reporting of "unmarked" fish was addressed.
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