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Egg Growth Model: Spawning to Emergence v2.1.4

The salmon egg growth modeling process begins with egg deposition at the time of spawning. Development rate and survival can be modeled by various methods to determine fry emergence from the gravel.
On this page you can control temperature inputs, redd/carcass/adult counts and survival details for egg development modeling. Details on versions. References and Notes.
For Sacramento River Winter Chinook egg development and migration modeling, see: Sacramento River Fish Model.  Historical temperatures provided by CDEC. Redd and Carcass data provided by CDFW and USBR.Data Disclaimer

Temperature Data
Historic single site:
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Spawning Data
American River Fall Chinook carcasses
All Females Spawned Females
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Carcasses per redd: This divides the count to get redds. Positive integer only. This will adjust carcass counts to get the correct number of redds.
E.g., if males and females are equal in the population and every female spawns, use 2. More importantly, redds are often missed and carcasses greatly outnumber redds. For spawned female carcasses, you may want this to be 1.

Timing offset: For carcasses use a negative value because spawning is prior to carcass detection. For adult counts (e.g., at a weir), use a positive offset because spawning is delayed until redds are built.

Analysis and Results Display

Summary and graphics only. Summary, graphics and details.
Show histograms. Show cumulative.

Additional model controls below

Use redd or carcass value data set as is.
Smooth redd or carcass values. See Notes
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