Branch V1.0.17

Added default title for model to reflect file name once it has been saved
While viewing the likelihood equation in a separate window, the user is now able to interact with the diagram and other program components
Added a scroll bar to the Parameter Estimation tab to accommodate longer window contents
Saved the 'last' directory used for selecting data files and for saving project models. These two folders will be treated independently with separate values for each
The "open" menu entry is now available even if the current model has been changed. However, the user will be prompted to save changes first if any changes are pending
"Sample" models will no longer be automatically saved to their original location as that area is frequently 'read-only' to non-administrative users
Default for parameter seeds has been changed from 0.5 to 0.1 to accommodate highly branched models.
Parameters are now removed from the edit grid when they have been assigned to a user defined or system defined convenience function.
Parameter estimate labels displayed on the model graphic are now displayed in a much larger font and angled to fit in the available space.
Tool tips explaining the symbols used to represent the various parameter estimates (phi, lambda, standard error, etc.) are displayed when the mouse hovers over a label.
Bug Fixes
Parameter seed values were not being saved between analyses. They will now be correctly carried forward.
Release Date