Columbia River DART (Data Access in Real Time)

Columbia Basin Current and Historical Conditions Analysis

Quick Look
Adult Passagesample image Bonneville Spring Chinooksample image Bonneville Steelheadsample image ESU Passagesample image Smolt Passagesample image River Environmentsample image Spring Spill Chinook Fallback
Columbia basin-wide current juvenile and adult passage and river conditions with 10 Year Averages.

PIT Tag Specialized Analysis
Adult PIT Tag Reach Distribution and Delaysample image Upper Columbia Ladders Lower Granite Bypass and Spillway
Specialized analysis of PIT Tag movement, ascents, and timing at specific PIT Tag detection systems and Adult Ladders.

Basin Conditions
Columbia Basin Conditionssample image Total Dissolved Gas Columbia and Snake Dam Conditions sample image
Columbia basin-wide conditions of Temperature, Dissolved Gas Percent, Outflow, and Spill Percent, including single year comparison to mean years and other years and all years seasonal trends.

Historical Run Timing
Adult Passagesample image ESU and DPS Passagesample image PIT Tag Adult Passagesample image PIT Tag Juvenile Passagesample image Smolt Passagesample image
Historical Run Timing of Columbia Basin salmonid and steelhead populations with Temperature exposure and other analyses.

Performance Measures
Columbia Basin Performance Measuressample image
Threshold analysis of observed River Conditions and Fish Exposure to conditions at Columbia and Snake River sites.

Population Exposure Alerts
Population Exposure Alerts for Observed and Forecasted Conditions
Current migration season observed and forecasted juvenile and adult population exposure at Snake and Columbia River sites to TDG and temperature.

SAR Survival
Smolt-to-Adult Return (SAR) Survival for ESU/DPS Populationssample image
Smolt-to-Adult Return (SAR) analysis for Snake River and Upper Columbia River ESU/DPS populations for multiple juvenile to adult reaches for 2000 to present. Analysis includes information on transportation.

Water Supply
Columbia Basin Water Supplysample image (NWRFC, NOAA)
Columbia Basin current monthly water supply with historical and 30 year normal at select sites.

Columbia Basin Quick Look
Adult Chinook 2023 Outflow 2023

Adult Salmonid Passage

Salmonid Passage

Instream Arrays & Subbasins with Interrogation and Recapture datasets

ESU (Evolutionarily Significant Unit) & DPS (Distinct Population Segment)

Salmonid Releases

Resident Species

River and Ocean Data

Columbia Basin Conditions

Columbia Basin Conditions