Inseason Forecasts Post Season Analysis and Other Publications

Post Season Analysis

Interactive Postseason Analysis

Beginning in 2018, postseason analysis has moved from a static report to an interactive web page. At the end of the migration season, forecasts and observations are presented and compared when possible. Various details and visualizations are available, and previous years can be examined as well.

Adult Peak, Adult Upstream Model and Escapement Forecaster

Adult Upstream Model overview

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Juvenile Passage Models

2007 - Present

COMPASS Comprehensive Passage Model

Zabel RW, Faulkner J, Smith SG, Anderson JJ, Holmes CV, Beer WN, Iltis S, Krinke J, Fredicks G, Bellerud B. Comprehensive Passage (COMPASS) Model: a model of downstream migration and survival of juvenile salmonids through a hydropower system. Hydrobiologia [Internet]. 2008;609:289-300. Available from:

1996 - 2006

Columbia River Salmon Passage Model

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RealTime Forecasters

RealTime Forecasters


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Total Dissolved Gas

TDG modeling used by the juvenile passage models can be found in the CRiSP1.6 Theory & Calibration Manual.

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Gas Generation Equations Development for CRiSP from April 1998