DART PIT Tag Release and Observation Summary for Generating Survival and Travel Time Estimates with Tag File Selection

Data Courtesy of Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

PIT Tag Release and Observation Summary Queries

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Restrict Query by Release Date Range

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Displayed year values are determined by selections for: Release Year and Date Range Type.


Check this option to not use strict match for Basin RKM. For example, with option checked, releases with River KM of 754.089 and 754.089.001 would "match" for Nason Creek. With strict match, 754.089.001 designates Nason Creek where as 754.089 designates a release on the Wenatchee River. The default is to use strict matching for Basin RKM.
Query Notes
  • DART PIT Tag Juvenile Survival and Travel Time Estimates Methods
  • DART PIT Tag and ESU Metadata & Glossary
  • Monitored Release equivalent. Use Observation Parameters option to generate a "Virtual Release" tag file list based on observation criteria.
  • This is a complex report and may take several minutes to complete.
  • For Winter runs, select Release Year for the start year, select "Span Calendar Years" for Date Range Type, and enter Start Date and End Date for Date Range. Date Range years are determined by selections for Release Year and Date Range Type.
  • This analysis tool relies on information provided in the PTAGIS Tagging File Conditionally Mandatory fields--Release Date, Release Site, and Release River KM--in order to generate the tag file list and perform observation summary and survival/travel time estimates analyses.