DART PIT Tag Adult Fish Ladders Fallback

Data Courtesy of Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

PIT Tag Adult Return Queries

Select Year, Adult Fish Ladder, Species, Run, Rear Type

The year following the project indicates earliest analysis available. An * asterisk following the project indicates that an "index of fallback" is being calculated; please refer to calculating an index of fallback at adult fishway ladders with limited detectors for more information.

Release Site (Primary)

Exclude or include fish released below the selected Project.

Release Region (Secondary)

Exclude or include fish based on release region: Snake, Columbia above Snake Confluence, or Mainstem. Applied after restrictions on "Release Site".

Tagged in Year

Exclude or include fish tagged in year. Fish tagged in year are most likely handled in same year as ascent analysis. Fish tagged in year may include minijacks and fish tagged as adults.


Exclude or include Transported fish as determined by the DART Transportation Filter.

Select Date Period

For the Spring Spill period, tracking will cease after the end date of the designated spill. This may underestimate fallback that could occur among the few fish passing just prior to the end of spill, but provides a consistent date range for comparison across years.
Query Notes and Methods