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Data Courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NWD

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Notes on the DART Hourly Water Quality Dataset

USACE Data Disclaimer: These data are furnished with the understanding that the Corps of Engineers makes no warranties concerning the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the data for any particular purpose.

Outflow and Spill data are collected at the project (dam). Barometric Pressure, Dissolved Gas, Dissolved Gas Percent, and Temperature (F) are measured at Water Quality Monitoring stations in the forebay and tailwater of most projects and other key locations in the basin. Current monitoring station details (including river mile and lat/lon coordinates) can be found on the Total Dissolved Gas (TDG) Monitoring Station Summary Data Sheet, USACE Columbia Basin Water Management Division.

The USACE initially reported incorrect hourly Bonneville spillway discharge for 2002-2004. As of 18 July 2006, DART is reporting the USACE's Recalibrated Spillway Discharge at Bonneville for this period. The Water Quality reports for BON, CWMW, CCIW, and WRNO include the recalibrated spill at Bonneville.

Please refer to the Hourly Water Quality Metadata & Glossary for more information.