DART PIT Tag Adult Returns Conversion Rate

Data Courtesy of Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

PIT Tag Adult Return Queries

Select Conversion Reach, Species, Run, Rear Type

Select Release Location

Set Month Range

The month range is inclusive; it is based on the detection date at the first project in the conversion reach. To view only one month, select the same month from both menus.

Detections Upstream of Upper Project

Include any upstream detection when there is no detection at the selected Upper Project.

Chinook Minijacks

This option only applies to Chinook; it is ignored for all other species. Minijack criteria as implemented by DART: observed in the same year as release and less than 300mm (~12 inches) at tagging.

Release Sites below Upper Project

Exclude individual release sites within the Release Basin with river KM below the selected Upper Project of the Conversion Reach.

Transported Fish

Exclude Transported fish as determined by the DART Transportation filter.

Set Summary Sort Order

Query Notes

The DART PIT Tag Adult Returns Conversion Rate Report (based on selections made for Release Basin, Conversion Reach, Species, Run, Rear Type, and Month Range) generates a summary of conversion rates by PIT Tag release site for each detection year possible. The Conversion Rate Report includes all adult detections of the selected population (species, run, rear type, and release basin) at the lower project of the selected conversion reach. The detections reported for the upper project only include detections for the PIT-tagged fish which were observed at lower project. That is, only fish detected at the lower project can be reported as detected at the upper project. Observation numbers are based on the number of unique PIT-tagged fish observed at the project, not on the total number of detections at a project. For example, a PIT-tagged fish detected at both BO1 and BO2 detectors would only be counted once for Bonneville.

Fish Tagged as Adult are excluded from results. Fish categorized by DART as Tagged as Adults based on the criteria: tagging capture method is 'LADDER', 'CREEL', 'GILNET', 'TNGLNT', 'HATCH', 'HATRAK', 'SURVEY', or 'TROLL'; or length at tagging is greater than 300mm.

From the Conversion Rate Report output, you may select from several other report options to examine the data or you may click on a Release Site to view detection details for that particular release site within the year.