Making Connections

Data sets

Information resources for the Columbia River Basin originate from diverse regional, federal, state, and tribal agencies, and non-governmental entities. Columbia Basin Research (CBR) offers a centralized repository that mirrors and synthesizes many of these data sets for easy access and integration.


Diverse stakeholders can connect with each other through the data pertinent to adaptive management and for coordination across agencies. Decision support for and effective management by stakeholders require timely data that are standardized, synthesized, integrated, and accessible. Scientists can also access river and fish data sets for downloading and use in their research.


CBR provides undergraduate and graduate opportunities in ecological research, statistics & modeling, programming of online tools, and human-centered design. These opportunities have helped students gain real-world, hands-on experience and bridge from their academic learning to their future jobs. The principal investigators (PIs) at CBR can sit on graduate committees and help provide direction and feedback on graduate research. Mentorship opportunities with the PIs, spanning single-meeting to months-long timeframes, are also available.


CBR strives to be of service and to meet the needs of diverse communities and entities. Over the past few decades, CBR has developed and maintained relationships to conduct our work and provide services in a collaborative manner. CBR PIs and staff are open to hearing diverse perspectives and learning how to give voice to different knowledges and experiences. Applied science is stronger with multiple modeling approaches and different ways of knowing.