DART Trap Daily Collected Counts

Data Courtesy of Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Chelan County PUD, Colville Tribes Fish & Wildlife (OBMEP), Douglas County PUD, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and Yakama Nation and Flow Data Courtesy of Washington Department of Ecology and U.S. Geological Survey

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Notes on the DART Trap Collected Counts Dataset

Trap Data Disclaimer: These data are preliminary and have been derived from various sources. These data are furnished with the understanding that the primary sources make no warranties concerning the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the data for any particular purpose. The counts presented on this web site are the raw collected counts at the traps; no expansion factors or trap efficiencies have been applied to the raw collected counts.

Trap Collected Counts Species and Stage Information
CodeStockSpeciesRear TypeStage
YCWChinook-1 WildChinook (yearling)WildSmolt
YCHChinook-1 HatcheryChinook (yearling)HatcherySmolt
SBCChinook-0 WildChinook (subyearling)WildFry / Parr / Smolt
SHR_SStlhd WildSteelhead / Rainbow TroutWildSmolt / Transitional Smolt
SHHStlhd HatcherySteelheadHatcherySmolt
COWCoho WildCohoWildSmolt
COHCoho HatcheryCohoHatcherySmolt
SKWSock WildSockeyeWildSmolt
SKHSock HatcherySockeyeHatcherySmolt
RLJBrook LampreyBrook LampreyNAJuvenile
RLABrook Lamprey (BLmpryL)Brook LampreyNAAmmocoete
PLJPacific LampreyPacific LampreyNAJuvenile
PLAPacific Lamprey (PLmpryL)Pacific LampreyNAAmmocoete