DART PIT Tag Observations by Tag Coordinator Detail

Data Courtesy of Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

PIT Tag Observation Queries

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Displayed year values are determined by selections for: Observation Year and Date Range Type.

Query Notes

  1. For Winter runs, select Year for the start year, select "Span Calendar Years" for Date Range Type, and enter Start Date and End Date for Date Range. Date Range years are determined by selections for Year and Date Range Type.
  2. To generate the Data Link for querying results directly from scripts and automated processes: make all selections, check "Generate Query Result Link Only" next to the Submit button, and click Submit.
  3. DART imposes several limits on the number of data rows retrieved from the database.
    • > 150,000 data rows: Please contact DART Team, dart@cbr.washington.edu with the specifics of your data request.
    • > 100,000 data rows: Output format forced to raw CSV.
    • > 10,000 data rows: Output format forced to CSV with formatting and information.
    • Else, query and output format processed with no intervention by DART.

Notes on the DART PIT TAG Dataset

On a daily basis, we upload a daily file from PTAGIS, the primary source, into the Columbia River DART PIT TAG dataset. The Columbia River DART PIT TAG dataset does not include orphan tags (tags that have been detected but are not yet associated with a particular release). On a weekly basis, we synchronize the Columbia River DART PIT TAG dataset with year-to-date data from PTAGIS.

Additional Information:

Please refer to the PIT Tag and ESU Metadata & Glossary for more information about pit tag data in the DART database.