Columbia Basin Research hosts this web page for archival purposes only. This project/page/resource is no longer active.

GeoMap for Java v1.0: A Java Mapping System for GIS Data

GeoMap for Java v1.0 is a collection of Java classes, written in 1997, designed to display latitude and longitude coordinate data on an interactive canvas. This applet uses two input files specified as parameters in the html:

  1. The tag file (TAGFILE) specifies at what display level the various features should be displayed, tags that associate features with a color or image, and a initial map setting that specifies what the bounds are for the map.
  2. The data file (DATAFILE) specifies the various latitude and longitude coordinates to be associated with each object such as an island or a coastline.


You're welcome to the source code. Or if you'd like to try out the applet on your server without having to compile it, just grab the applet and data files.

Note: If the map does not display when the message "Applet GeoMap running" appears at the bottom of your browser, click your mouse in the space below.

Click and drag to zoom in, and just click a mouse button without moving the mouse to zoom out.