CRiSP Harvest Model Fisheries

Columbia Basin Research hosts this web page for archival purposes only. This project/page/resource is no longer active.
CRiSP Harvest Fisheries
1 Alaska Troll
2 Northern B.C. Troll
3 Central B.C. Troll
4 West Coast Vancouver Island Troll
5 Washington/Oregon Troll
6 Strait of Georgia Troll
7 Alaska Net
8 Northern B.C. Net
9 Central B.C. Net
10 West Coast Vancouver Island Net
11 Juan de Fuca Net
12 North Puget Sound Net
13 South Puget Sound Net
14 Washington Coast Net
15 Columbia River Net
16 Johnstone Strait Net
17 Fraser River Net
18 Alaska Sport
19 North/Central B.C. Sport
20 West Coast Vancouver Island Sport
21 Washington Ocean Sport
22 North Puget Sound Sport
23 South Puget Sound Sport
24 Strait of Georgia Sport
25 Columbia River Sport