DART Hatchery Releases Metadata & Glossary

Hatchery Releases Glossary

Agency (Agncy): Agency responsible for the hatchery release.

	BATT    Battelle NW
        COLV    Colville Tribe
	FISH	Fisheries and Oceans Canada
        FPC     Fish Passage Center
        HOSE    Hose Associates
        IDFG    Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game
        NEZP    Nez Perce Tribe
        NMFS    National Marine Fisheries Service
        ODFW    Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
        PP&L    Pacific Power & Light
        SHOB    Shoshone-Bannock Tribe
        UMTR    Umatilla Tribe
        USFW    US Fish & Wildlife
        WASC    Wasco PUD
        WDFW    Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
        WSTR    Warm Springs Tribe
        YATR    Yakima Tribe

Brood Year (BrdY): The calendar year in which the majority of the release were spawned (fertilized).

Hatchery: The hatchery where the fish were raised or released from.

Hatchery Total (HatchTotal): The sum of the number of fish released from a hatchery based on the selection criteria.

Migration Year (MgrY): The calendar year the released fish should migrate.

Number Released (Num Rel): The number of fish released during a specific release period.

Release End Date (End Date): The date a specific release finished.

Release Site: Site where the hatchery fish were released.

Release Start Date (Start Date): The date a specific release started.

Run: Refers to the season when the adults will migrate upstream (Chinook and Steelhead only).

	SP      Spring
        SU      Summer
        FA      Fall
        WI      Winter
        UN      Unknown

Species (Sp): Designates the species of the hatchery release.

	CH0     Chinook-0 / Chinook Age 0 / Subyearling Chinook
        CH1     Chinook-1 / Chinook Age 1 / Yearling Chinook
        CM      Chum
        CO      Coho
        CT      Sea-run Cutthroat Trout
        SO      Sockeye
        ST      Steelhead