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Buchanan RA, Whitlock SL. Diagnosing predated tags in telemetry survival studies of migratory fishes in river systems. [Internet]. 2022 ;10(1):13. Available from:
Whitlock SL, Quist MC, Dux AM. Effects of Water-Level Management and Hatchery Supplementation on Kokanee Recruitment in Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho. Northwest Science [Internet]. 2018 ;92(2):136 - 148. Available from:
Hess JE, Smith JJ, Timoshevskaya N, Baker C, Caudill CC, Graves D, Keefer ML, Kinziger AP, Moser ML, Porter LL, et al. Genomic islands of divergence infer a phenotypic landscape in Pacific lamprey. Molecular Ecology [Internet]. 2020 ;29(20):3841 - 3856. Available from:
Schultz LD, Chasco BE, Whitlock SL, Meeuwig MH, Schreck CB. Growth and annual survival estimates to examine the ecology of larval lamprey and the implications of ageing error in fitting models. Journal of Fish Biology [Internet]. 2017 ;90(4):1305 - 1320. Available from:
Whitlock SL, Quist MC, Dux AM. Incubation success and habitat selection of shore-spawning kokanee Oncorhynchus nerka : effects of water-level regulation and habitat characteristics. Ecology of Freshwater Fish [Internet]. 2015 ;24(3):412 - 423. Available from:
Whitlock SL, Quist MC, Dux AM. Influence of Habitat Characteristics on Shore-Spawning Kokanee. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society [Internet]. 2014 ;143(6):1404 - 1418. Available from:
Whitlock SL, Womble JN, Peterson JT. Modelling pinniped abundance and distribution by combining counts at terrestrial sites and in-water sightings. Ecological Modelling [Internet]. 2020 ;420:108965. Available from:
Skalski JR, Whitlock SL, Townsend RL, Harnish RA. Passage and Survival of Juvenile Salmonid Smolts through Dams in the Columbia and Snake Rivers, 2010–2018. North American Journal of Fisheries Management [Internet]. 2020 . Available from:
Schultz LD, Mayfield MP, Sheoships GT, Wyss LA, Clemens BJ, Whitlock SL, Schreck CB. Role of large- and fine-scale variables in predicting catch rates of larval Pacific lamprey in the Willamette Basin, Oregon. Ecology of Freshwater Fish [Internet]. 2016 ;25(2):261 - 271. Available from:
Schultz LD, Mayfield MP, Whitlock SL. Sample Sizes Needed to Describe Length-Frequency of Small-Bodied Fishes: An Example Using Larval Pacific LampreyAbstract. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management [Internet]. 2016 ;7(2):315 - 322. Available from:
Whitlock SL, Lewis TM, Peterson JT. Using a Bayesian Multistate Occupancy Model to Assess Seabird and Shorebird Status in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Wildlife Society Bulletin [Internet]. 2020 ;44(3):451 - 467. Available from:
Whitlock SL, Campbell MR, Quist MC, Dux AM. Using Genetic and Phenotypic Comparisons to Evaluate Apparent Segregation among Kokanee Spawning Groups. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society [Internet]. 2018 ;147(1):43 - 60. Available from:
Whitlock SL, Schultz LD, Schreck CB, Hess JE. Using genetic pedigree reconstruction to estimate effective spawner abundance from redd surveys: an example involving Pacific lamprey ( Entosphenus tridentatus ). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences [Internet]. 2017 ;74(10):1646 - 1653. Available from:
Skalski JR, Whitlock SL. Vitality models found useful in modeling tag-failure times in acoustic-tag survival studies. [Internet]. 2020 ;8(1):26. Available from: